Montessori in the Park Private School Goodyear Arizona

Private Montessori Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary in Goodyear, Arizona

Our private school nurtures a community of independent thinkers through exploration, integrity and a love of learning.

At Montessori in the Park Private School

Your Child’s Future Is Limitless

Our private school serves children ages 18 months to 12 years. We offer flexible program options to meet the needs of our busy families. We aim to provide our students with experiences at our private school that prepare them for their future of possibilities.

The History Behind Montessori in the Park Private School

Each little difference at MIP has the power to change the world one child, then one family, at a time. If we do not do it, where will this change come from?

Think about how our culture has changed since you were your children’s ages. While change is inevitable, it is up to us as parents, and members of the community, to ensure that the coming change is in a positive direction.

Montessori in the Park (MIP) was created in 2007. The West Valley had the need for a private school program that would foster their children’s love of learning and provide a positive environment for their growth.

The standard at MIP is one of compromise, getting along, helping one another, solving our differences peacefully all “because nice matters”. And in all of this, our students are learning more than you can imagine.

Discover If A Montessori Education Is Right For Your Child

How you choose to educate your child impacts them for the rest of their life. That’s why we provide several options in determining if our private school is right for your family.

Student Gallery

Our students are doing amazing things, and are excited to share them with our community! Montessori schools encourage children to explore their passion and interests. These are just a few of the ways students at MIP enjoy learning.



I love, love, love this school! My family was looking for an alternative education for our son and he's been here since kindergarten (3 years now). We plan to keep him here as long as possible. The staff is friendly, small campus, one-on-one attention, and they do what they can to make it affordable for families. We'd highly recommend them to West Valley families.

Michelle Everson


Such an amazing school! My 4yr son has sensory issues and this school has been amazing for him. He has opened up significantly and has just grown so much because of the teachers and staff at this school. The fact that I am able to have a constant communication with his teachers as well as the option to be fully involved with this school makes it a perfect choice for me and my family.

Melissa Janton


My two children love going to school every day... I only wish she would have gone here sooner. It is an amazing school that does not apply the one size fits all rule to education.

Daniella Hauptmann



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