Clubs generally run September to mid-December, then February through mid-May.

When we are able to provide club information, you will be able to see it here.

After School Clubs

After school clubs are “pay to play” – there is a charge for being a part of these clubs

Montessori in The Park may offer some of the following clubs:

Spanish Club

During Spanish club, elementary students will explore Spanish culture and learn
conversational Spanish. Classes will incorporate activities, games, and songs to
facilitate learning vocabulary, intonation, and syntax.

Chess Club

Learn visualizations skills, concentrations, problem-solving, self-confidence, accountability, creativity, discipline, and insight when you join the Chess Club!

All skill levels, grades, ages welcome!

Coding for Beginners

Learn coding with Code Studio, the most popular coding platform for students! Club lessons include a combination of teacher instruction, “plugged in “ and “unplugged” activities. Children should bring a FULLY CHARGED device to each club meeting.

Recorder Club

Both beginning and advanced classes available. Learn the basics and grow to be a master at the recorder!

Supplies Needed:

Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering, and 1/2 inch binder to hold
music with 10 plastic sheet protectors

Why Enroll In a Club?

1. Create a sense of belonging

By offering your child a chance to connect with others in different environments.

2. Improve social skills

By engaging in activities that promote cooperation, support and respect children gain additional confidence to work collaboratively with others.

3. Build confidence

By engaging in activities in a less structured environment children are often more willing to try new things and take more risks.  This in turn builds confidence.

4. Create new interests

Trying something new can expose children to new, sometimes, lifelong interests.


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