Montessori Elementary Curriculum

As children enter the second plane of development, they are developing their reasoning mind. Instead of asking what, they now ask why and how. To find these answers, they gravitate toward others and work cooperatively with their peers. This is a sensitive time for the development of the imagination: the ability to form creative ideas based on what is real and what is known. The children are introduced to the universe and all its possibilities.

The elementary classroom is designed to take into consideration the tendencies and characteristics of the 6-12-year-old and allows them to explore and learn in a way that follows the interest of the child, through the presentation of Cosmic Education and a vibrant Going-Out Program.

Cosmic Education


Cosmic Education refers to a process of learning which integrates all disciplines of study. The elementary curriculum encompasses Language, Math, Geometry, Geography (all the science disciplines), History, Biology (Botany and Zoology), and the Arts.

The foundation of Cosmic Education lies in the telling of the Five Great Lessons; The Coming of the Universe, The Coming of Life, The Story of Human Beings, The Story of the Alphabet, and The Story of Numerals.

The benefit of Cosmic Education for a child is the gradual development of thankfulness for the world around them and an understanding of their place in it.  They begin to understand they have been given many gifts from ancient and modern people and an understanding that most things we have today are the direct result of earlier times and people.  They also develop wonder, gratitude, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of responsibility to others, to the earth, and to future generations.

Going Out Program