What Is Other Parent’s Experience at Montessori In The Park?

I can't say enough about how wonderful this school is! The learning environment is friendly, fun, creative, and challenging. My daughter has been at Montessori in the Park for 5 years and we plan on keeping her there until she finishes 6th grade, or longer as the school expands and adds an adolescent program.

SaraBeth Cullinan


The teachers truly have a love for the kids and for what they do. My daughter is thriving in this environment where she feels cared for, she is challenged academically, and she has a lot of fun! Highly recommend this school.

Lisa Lopez


My two children love going to school every day... I only wish she would have gone here sooner. It is an amazing school that does not apply the one size fits all rule to education.

Daniella Hauptmann


The teachers are passionate about the learning process and uniquely gifted in bringing out the best in each child. I'm especially grateful for the community, friends and relationships we've built.

Ericka Strachan


We are so happy with the education our granddaughter is receiving at MIP! She loves her teachers, her new friends, and all of the wonderful activities! We are so impressed with everything she is learning!

Helen Hudak


We love everything about this community we have been a part of for the last year! It's THE perfect place for our daughter.

Carrie Karlyle


Such an amazing school! My 4yr son has sensory issues and this school has been amazing for him. He has opened up significantly and has just grown so much because of the teachers and staff at this school. The fact that I am able to have a constant communication with his teachers as well as the option to be fully involved with this school makes it a perfect choice for me and my family.

Melissa Janton


I absolutely love this school. It has a wide variety of students from different cultures, races, and religions feeding a love for all people no matter their background. The teachers are encouraging and compassionate.

Happy Parent


There is not much to say about this school other than if you want a QUALITY Montessori education for you child, this is the school... The teachers are AMAZING, and the students are your "typical" Montessori: kind, courteous, intelligent and eager to learn. We are blessed to have been part of such a fantastic community.

Parent Review


We absolutely love Montessori in the Park! Our children have been here for 4 years now. Our youngest completed the full primary curriculum and is now in elementary. Our oldest started in the 1st grade and is now in 4th. Every step of the way our teachers have been so compassionate and welcoming. It is wonderful to belong to a community that feels just like family! If you’re looking to get out of the public schools and into a truly individualized education, Montessori in Park is the place to be!

Mandi Merrit


Our children are learning how to respect one another and care for each other while being challenged to see themselves as a part of the greater picture. They are intrinsically motivated and the staff always takes the time to make sure each student is thriving. For the first time I have heard my kids say, "awww, not Saturday! We wanted to go to school today!"

Montessori Parent


This is the best alternative to a public school ever! The environment is all about learning. The people are the most caring I have ever seen in a school. Highly recommended!

Michael Doran


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